• Direct Delivery solution for BITĖ Lietuva and BITE Latvija

    VILNIUS, October 14, 2010 – Metasite developed and launched Direct Delivery solution for Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija. Direct Delivery system has fully automated sales process from sales offer generation to number portation from different mobile operator and customer activation.

    Direct Delivery system has made sales process transparent and fully controllable, as all the sales process related data is gathered in one system and has single user interface. This was achieved by building SOA based integration solution that is interacting with over 10 internal systems with JBPM based workflow engine on top.

    Some of the features of the Direct Delivery system:

    • For maximum staff efficiency user interfaces were developed and optimized for different roles: telemarketing sales representative, sales manager, order processing specialist, order processing manager.
    • Full integration with warehouse management software was implemented: stock level information exchange, reservation functionality, automatic updates of the information on new products in stock.
    • Flexible offer generation logic can be customized without having IT qualifications; validation and approval mechanism for custom offers was implemented.
    • Intelligent data entry mechanism automatically checks new customer in the blacklist, uses national post-approved address database to ensure address validity.
    • Intelligent delivery conditions’ selection only adapts according to the factual service availability.
    • Integration with national mobile number portability (MNP) system for mobile number migrations from other operators.
    • Services activation adapters implement complicated activation logic in internal customers billing system.

    The system helped Bitė Lietuva and Bite Latvija to radically cut sales process costs and service delivery time and to increase customer satisfaction at the same time, as number of human errors were practically eliminated from the process.

    About Metasite Business Solutions:

    Metasite Business Solutions is a management consulting, marketing communications and technology solutions firm, serving enterprise clients in the Baltics and other EU countries. Formed in 1998 as an integrated consulting house, Metasite maintains its primary focus on the financial services, telecommunications and energy sectors.

    Metasite assists its clients in identifying key industry trends, mapping and optimizing customer touch points, integrating multiple customer service channels, integrating internal systems and automating business processes, engineering usable interfaces, developing structured customer-centric business processes for e-marketing, knowledge management and new product development.

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    Oct 14, 2010 13:44

    Rytis L.

    Direct Delivery, mobile, Bitė